Ayn Rand and Implicate Order

Notes on something Ayn Rand said when asked about how others can develop their own philosophies. She said something about how one needs to follow their hypothesis and test it vs different views and scenarios. I see that it can be shown that each of us COULD develop our own language and/or description of how things work and that if we follow this far enough we will eventually come to a full circle understand of what ever is.

In this our philosophy is something to be implicately  unfolded and will always (EVENTUALLY!) reveal a coherent argument that is complementary to any general public consensus (ie science).

In the future then as we master the generalized version of these different languages and approaches we will be able to encourages students to develop and follow their own languages and understandings to fruition.

This obviously sets the stage for the cohesion of many seemingly contrasting arguments.

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