Multiple Lines of Thinking vs Multiple Realities/Universes

The mind is like a fertile garden in which anything that is planted, flowers or weeds, will grow.~Bruce Lee

(Another quick point that might be elaborated at another time.)

Thinking about a situation perhaps when a servers lays down a plate of food and asks, “Is there anything else I can help you with?” and you reply “No, thanks very much!”…As she walks away a thought crosses your mind that betrays your attitude, “Actually there is you sorry sack, get me a mug of ale!”  (there are worse examples I could give)….The flash goes through your head, you immediately recognize it as inappropriate and store it away as a wtf moment that you won’t remember ever happened.

Take this same “possibility”, but this time you are drunk and so your inhibitions are dulled.  The waitress offers help and you fly into a mess about how much you don’t like her calling her bad/dirty names…

I think that it would be helpful if we saw the brain as a machine that thinks simultaneous and even contrasting thoughts (infinite different patternizable reactions etc.) in which we choose our reaction from (and from which we store to our memory from).

Good thoughts and appropriate thoughts happen simultaneously with bad and inappropriate thoughts, but some people are able to choose and recognized the good ones and ignore and suppress the bad ones.  This of course I mean to present as a metaphorical paradigm.

Such a view has the possibility to resolve many current paradoxes.

In healing certain dysfunctions it would be helpful then to concentrate both on the kinds of thoughts that arise but also the kinds of thoughts we give energy to. Weeds and flowers both attempt grow in a flourishing garden.


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