Levating an Effective Rake Standard

We have seen the PLO crew put up the best stats they can. I have done the best I know for 180s. Rake is too high we say but there is not at all a good solid factual way of showing this. But we can do better.

We can get each field to put together the best stats they can to show their respective profitability (or lack thereof) and we can use this to levate the concept of an effective rake standard. A standard across all platforms and across all games, that poker sites can choose to either adhere to, or not adhere to.

The key is the players will become aware of this new standard.

Poker sites DO have a metric for targeting effective rake. We can think of a scenario where sites have segregating good players from the bad, creating two break evenish fields and especially a very difficult not very skillful scenario for the “good field”.

Many little things can effect the make up of a field and from the players perspective this “formula” is not decipherable (nor is there enough empirical data to compute it).


But of course, also, poker sites of a state cannot actually do anything of the form that can be called “rake targeting” without having some means for measuring rake. How would they do this? The means for measuring inflation that they would naturally use would be a “deposits raked” index relating to domestic transactions within the territory of the state.

We MUST understand that from the SITES perspective they do in fact target this effective rake and seek to create fields that rake a certain % from the overall deposits. The basic concept is the frequency of deposits, and of course it is and can be infinitely more complex. Sites have access to the golden data needed to make optimal adjustments in this regard.

From the players perspective rake and structure seems random and therefore often tilting or unfair. But truly from the sites perspective there IS something going on. What I want to do, and what we need to do, is open the discussion about this rake standard and lets sites know that we do in fact understand this is going on.

It was the observation of a new “line” that has become popular with those responsible for “raked” functions relating to national poker sites that gave us the idea for the study of “asymptotically rakeless” poker.
The idea seems paradoxical, but by speaking of “rake targeting” these responsible officials are effectively CONFESSING that, notwithstanding how they formerly were speaking about the difficulties and problems of their functions, that it is indeed after all possible to control rake by controlling the supply of chips (as if by limiting the amount of individual “prints” that could be made of a work of art being produced as “prints”).

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