The Importance of Painting the Picture of Ideality

…since we are so dependent on our use of it and so much controlled and motivated by the wish to have more of it or not to lose what we have we may become irrational in thinking about it and fail to be able to reason about it like about a technology, such as a radio, to be used more or less efficiently.
…money itself is a sort of “utility”, using the word in another sense comparable to supplies of water, electric energy or telecommunications.
…we can consider the quality of money as comparable to the quality of some “public utility” like the supply of electric energy or of water.~Nash, Ideal Money

Take some time to google John Nash and Bitcoin.  I’m not the only one anymore that sees a very significant connection. Many peoples have laughed at me.  But many very well respected and high level economists and financial writers have thanked me for bringing his works “Ideal Money” to their attention.  Many of them come to me for information on the subject. Ideal money is a future Nash projected well beyond just the advent of bitcoin

I have an amazing story to tell when I am finally allowed to speak without such incredible derision and diverse tactics from those that are the 90% of our community that are trolls. The story is massive, and too big for the “tl;dr” crowd. They will say “This guy is an idiot someone shut him up”.

But the calm collective creative and intelligent players and peoples will and have already asked if I could be allowed to speak and continue.

The story is important, because someone needs to paint the picture of ideality. It is difficult for us to think outside the box, especially when it comes to games and gambling or money. Nash spent 20 years painting this picture for us, about what is ideal when it comes to money. He outlines the key history of it, talks about its function, and then goes on to explain how a new telecommunications technology is going to revolutionize our global economy and stabilize our financial system. Then end of the keynsian era because of an international stably issued e-currency.

He explains the difficulties of creating such a currency and getting the public to adopt it. He explains what didn’t work and what can’t work and why. Then he talks about all possibilities of what could work. He talked about his own theoretical ideal, and the difficulties of implementing it. Then he talks about a way it can be brought about by natural order, because of what he calls asymptotically ideal money.

Bitcoin is, by his definition, asymptotically ideal. Simply put, its inflation rate decreases by half every 4 years until 21 million bitcoins have been released. It means at first bitcoin is only good for speculators, gamblers…but in the future bitcoin will be finite and perfectly stable in this sense.

This is the incentive for adoption. Early smart adopters carry and spread this currency. And they were already rewarded for it. Many made millions.

Poker and Idealness

The profitability in terms of “effective rake” is hidden on every site by many contributing factors. The most significant are the make-up of the player field (winning players vs depositing players), and the winning distributions. These factors are not definable for the players community.

I too have spent time for the players, painting the picture of ideality in relation to poker, so we may as a collective begin to step outside of the box we are stuck in and don’t even know.

Nash and I implicitly colluded in regards to Poker. There is a prevailing argument on the net now about bitcoins blockchain size. In short bitcoin can be a currency to buy coffee with, or it can be an international settlement option for nations…but it can’t be both. In the form of the latter it is expensive to use, but in Nash’s opinion and international settlement option is key for our global race.

This levates the argument about crypto 2.0, which is an evolution of bitcoin in which anyone can make a currency (digital asset) for next to nothing. Many people think there should only be bitcoin, others think there should be infinite amounts of currencies.

Of course when a poker currency, for a time, does have a specification of its value beyond the local fiat of administrators in its national home, like the money of PS and FT had a peg to the U.S. dollar a few years ago, then international observers can wisely distrust the reliability of such a stabilization of its rake.~

I KNOW the answer. Poker has a value measurement problem, and I have solved it. I have written extensively about what it is, and I have solved it, and written extensively on what that solution is and how it addresses pokers problems.

The coin is described in greater detail in articles below:
Poker Forum Coin
Single Unique Identifiers
Facilitating a players Union
Dissolving a Monopoly
Asymptotically Ideal Poker
The Intrinsic Value of Nas Coin

It is a very very multi level solution, because poker has evolved in relation to our economic and game theory understanding and so there is a natural correlation between our banking systems inherent issues and our poker economy as a subset of that banking system. This means that the solutions to both have natural similarities.

I look forward to explaining all this, to those peoples that have intelligence and sincere intent. There will come the question, “Why Poker First?” Or why is it that no other community has harness the power of digital assets in order to create their own UNIQUE network with which no third party controls any significant power over it..

But only bad game theorist would ask such a question. In the words of the master himself:

Poker is an obvious target.

Also keep in mind the two most important threads on 2p2 are locked:
Idea relating new regulation: decentralized poker software
Ideal Poker

We need them opened to fix the game we love.

Lastly there are multiple open source projects in the works right now coding up our p2p network to play secure poker on. 

Check out the latest greatest project:

And check out what i means to combine my knowledge with that project here:
The Future Model For Poker Sites
Decentralized server-less poker

Gl All!!!

Open for comments, Questions, and Suggestions:


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