I just read a post on 2p2 that shows you are even more sincere than I knew. I’ll try to be brief, but its convoluted and big. I’ll try to contain the relevant points and my story will be one sided but you can compare and try to understand with facts only mod’s and mod discussions can reveal.

I had what I feel is an epiphany one night in regards to Nash’s Work’s Ideal Money.  Its about bitcoin.  And still the inventor is unknown and how bitcoin was created is unknown, still.. I don’t think it was him specifically, but I do think his lecture is specifically about it.  Many people suspect he was the mastermind:

I disrupted the forum because I feel that the collective poker community will be a giant catalyst in bitcoin’s adoption for reason that I will explain below.  I did it because I was passionate, but when I was deleted and blocked for spamming “nash created bitcoin” everywhere I went full troll for a long time.  The old school mods and admins are the ones that dealt with me and the ones that won’t have me back.  I tried many tactics but not for malicious purposes, rather always to spread the word that Nash has been talking about bitcoin for 20 years (

Boba fett, pro player, haven, Sklansky’s, and the smp crew all know me.  My 2 main accounts were Adyo and Newguy.  I never did, or would do any malicious type of things like ripping people off etc with multiple accounts.  I don’t think anyone would claim I did either.  I think they will claim unfair things, but I don’t think anyone feels I was malicious in that sense.

I spent  a year trying to understand the lecture “Ideal Money” and in that time I created “Ideal Poker” as an extension of my understanding.  Ideal poker is a decentralized p2p poker game in which no third party takes rake out of the ecosystem.  Nash posted Ideal Money as a call to the citizens against the central banking system that enslaves us I posted Ideal Poker as a call to all the poker players  who are “enslaved” by excessive rake:

Ideal Poker thread 2p2
Here is the leading project being developed:

I wrote ideal poker well before this paper was posted, only because I knew it was inevitable, once bitcoin appeared, that poker would eventually become p2p. (2p2 Idea relating new regulation: decentralized poker software not my thread but I was in it)

But the p2p projects are stalled, because they cannot figure out how to solve the last problem: adoption.

They only know about bitcoin from satoshi nakamoto, they don’t understand bitcoin from the lecture Ideal Money.  This is the importance of Ideal Poker.  Ideal Poker is how the players community will get together to incentivize adoption and create a reputation system that creates an entire cohesive solution for a decentralized p2p poker economy.

I have an extensive strategy layed out, made by nash, but tailored to poker’s specific problem of a centralized status quo. It’s fool proof because it relies on each players individual greed to work.  But it takes time to understand.  It takes many different minds to sift through different material in order to put together a COLLECTIVE understanding of the plan.

All ready today in some many threads players are starting to echo my sentiments:

Originally Posted by Mentality135 View Post
Very few regs seem to understand that just because we pay rake it doesn’t mean that stars make money from us. I’ve stopped bothering arguing with people about it

Perhaps some grinders should take a few months off and take some basic business courses? Oh no wait, they already know everything, why bother?


This is only very partially because of me, but also so much because it is a natural progression of our society that eventually the community rises up against it’s rulers and begins to police itself.  This starts with a rake reduction, and ends by dissolving third parties completely.

At first I thought 2p2 was out to get me.  I really did, only for a short time.  Then for even a shorter time I thought there were legit shills.  Now I realize 2p2 is simply a product of its environment.  In the early days money was plentiful in poker and so there were many brilliant minds everywhere.  2p2 captured the spirit of this perfectly and an incredible community was born.  Any decently intelligent person can see 2p2 is night and day from that past history now.

So over time the general attitude became completely different than when poker was growing.  Black Friday happened and its taken years for players to sort out the data that the games have been drying up ever since.  The community degenerates naturally because there is no money.  Infighting ensues.

But what is worse, and this isn’t conspiracy just systematic, but 2p2 receives its ad revenue from these sites that are making these terrible poker policies.  And mods get elected from the same player pool that the old school mods favor (ie don’t ban).

So the prevailing attitude here is one of complete ignorance, I don’t mean “ur dumb” I mean…the general pop on 2p2 is lacking a mass amount of knowledge with respect to the future of the game that we have the ability to levate today.

There is no individual person on 2p2 that is keeping me away.  What it is, is a prevailing attitude or belief that everything I’m pointing at is solely my intent to troll and disrupt.  9 out of 10 mods that ban me don’t read what they are deleting but rather listen to others who say “this is nash guy! ban him”. 

In the end when I am allowed to speak, NONE of the players of that future time will ever understand or accept 2p2’s reasons for blacklisting me…

Because everyone is going to know, just like everyone who reads my posts knows…I am the only one that knows what the future of poker is, I am the one who knows how we can change the game over night, I am the most knowledgeable player on all of these subjects of p2p poker, decentralization, reputation systems, effective rake, and cooperative strategy to implement all these things. I am what the status quo fears.

Simply put, I didn’t present it well when I had my insight and it was not well received because it was slightly ahead of its time.

I’m just waiting for a small group of sincere credible 2p2 posters to finally say enough is enough…let adyo/newguy/nashguy speak.

I encourage you to follow links to understand my plan and purpose, but the works are far too big, no one person could read them all, that is how I hid it all, and that is why the community needs to sift through it.  Its not all my works, much of it is Nash’s and others’.

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