Why a digital asset is essential for a poker community reputation system

This is not correct:
Originally Posted by katie75013
There is absolutely a need for a centralized informational site regarding the background of players who sell action, as well as buyers who buy frequently. It’s no doubt a huge undertaking, but would be a huge asset to the poker community.
This is correct:
Originally Posted by FortunaMaximus
A collective subjectivity is essential if this type of forum is to work.
The word is “decentralized”, or in other words no 1 party or 3rd party holds any significant amount of the power to corrupt the system. For example a 2p2 rep should not satisfy the sincere player, since itself is such a security leak.

There is also talk of paying to subscribe but this is not the new model and not a model that can work. A reputation system is not a new thought, its something the internet peeps have been trying to solve since even before the existence of the net. You won’t brainstorm it into existence you have to understand the inherent security flaws in any existing model.

“If you build it they will come” EXCEPT if there is a flaw, then no one will use it. Like a beautifully hand crafted air balloon with a giant gaping whole-it won’t fill up.

The key is transferable utility. You don’t pay to use the network…the network pays YOU, by harnessing the value gained from fixing the current inefficient model. Basically by paying players more to cooperate than they gain to defect, you have a secure solution. An N. Equilibrium.

What you want is a finite amount of accounts. You want to give these out in such a way that they are issued rarer over time. This creates not only incentive for adoption but also a creates the possibility for a market price. The price means their is a cost to gain multiple accounts or act maliciously (flagging the account untrustworthy).

The public/private key system is crucial. Players can act anonymously or not and always keep the seed that they use to generate new ids. If you aren’t familiar it won’t immediately seem powerful. There is a plethora of new and incredibly valuable tools at the community’s disposal IF you could incentive adoption enough for such a system to grab hold.

It allows you to anonymously verify peoples which means reputation systems can exists and be LESS intrusive than any of the security features central site models use today (*’s).

This is the technology, the tool, we need to be the base/backbone of this project. It is tech we didn’t have not long ago, but now we have access to it and it is free.

Once you set up what I describe and begin to issue finite amount of accounts…then reputation systems naturally arise. A ‘web of trust’ grows organically and naturally. Those that defect or those that multi account and try to defeat the system pay a cost in order to try and rig a system that is going to flag their accounts as malicious as soon as they get discovered…

There is no incentive to pay for accounts that won’t be trusted, there is only incentive to connect honest “nodes”.

What I describe is called a digital asset. It is a share of a network that has many other useful functions. The asset is uncorruptable as it is part of the block chain technology and any tampering is protected by the most powerful computer network we can theoretically imagine at this point (yes far beyond quantum).

It is the security of this “crypto 2.0” technology that is to be the back bone of our solution. Since it is impermeable it CAN then store such valuable information as a reputation system for the poker community. Not everyone has to participate to make such a system valuable…

It only needs to be truly trustworthy in order to gain value. If you don’t secure this network with a digital asset, there can be no value.

I have written about this extensively from every angle I can think of that might be interesting to different player archetypes.

The coin is described in greater detail in articles below:

Poker Forum Coin
Single Unique Identifiers
Facilitating a players Union
Dissolving a Monopoly
Asymptotically Ideal Poker
The Intrinsic Value of Nas Coin

It is a very very multi level solution, because poker has evolved in relation to our economic and game theory understanding and so there is a natural correlation between our banking systems inherent issues and our poker economy as a subset of that banking system. This means that the solutions to both have natural similarities.
When I talk about a “network” and a share of it, I am really not talking a sophisticated new internet, although as it grows this is what it would become. But I am truly talking about 2 players that decide to cooperate in this regard becomes n = 2. As the useful nodes grows (ie a trusty worthy agreement) the value of this network grows exponentially…

Since the inflation rate of released accounts decreases over time, there should be an inflection point where early adopters are able to make a large gain from early speculation. By the time the system takes hold, and provide a geometric series such as decreasing by half every X amount of days or months, there is a very strong feeling of rareness in regards to the accounts…

It is greed then, the incentivizes adoption, and individual want that keeps the network trustworthy AND secure.
We are going to learn in the near future, the true meaning and power of the constitution that was VERY carefully created by a group of very well studied men. We are learning that even the simplest inventions such as a pencil has uncountable man hours put into its advent, in regards to the metals mined, the paints created, the machines involved and the man labor for each etc.

You can’t just conceive a pencil and then create it. The evolution of it took thousands of years. The cost to create it from scratch is enormous, and impossible on ones own.

The men that created the constitution understood this. They called upon the history of law known to man right down to antiquity. The purpose and fundamentals of greek and roman law are part of the back bone of the constitution. We need to understand this, and we need to understand why.

“All men are created equal…” written by a slave master…why the hypocrisy? It is because theoretically and ideally this is an obvious point. But socially you cannot move the masses with the stroke of a pen, they don’t move that fast. The masses are like a giant machine with many many moving parts. You have to operate the machine with perfect finesse just to get the simplest amount of cooperation from its parts.

The constitution was an infrastructure. It has not yet been erected. It is brilliant in itself, created with enough foresight that it will never go out style. We generally feel it is not worthy, and becoming out dated, but we are about to learn that these founding fathers saved us from our own slavery…

The reason I bring this up, is because we can also look back into ancient Rome and Greece and learn about their forums. Our forums are like a 2.0 but 2d version for their 3d or irl version.

A digital asset complete the true purpose of a forum:
In new Roman towns the Forum was usually located at, or just off, the intersection of the main north-south and east-west streets (the Cardo and Decumanus). All forums would have a Temple of Jupiter at the north end, and would also contain other temples, as well as the Basilica; a public weights and measures table, so customers at the market could ensure they were not being sold short measures; and would often have the baths nearby. At election times, candidates would use the steps of the temples in the forum to make their election speeches, and would expect their clients to come to support them.
And paves the way for a truly decentralized democratic trustworthy and secure network:
Athenian democracy was not only direct in the sense that decisions were made by the assembled people, but also the most direct in the sense that the people through the assembly, boule and courts of law controlled the entire political process and a large proportion of citizens were involved constantly in the public business.[30] Even though the rights of the individual were not secured by the Athenian constitution in the modern sense (the ancient Greeks had no word for “rights”[31]), the Athenians enjoyed their liberties not in opposition to the government but by living in a city that was not subject to another power and by not being subjects themselves to the rule of another person.[32]

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