The Evolution of Twoplustwo: The Players Global Poker Forum

Pre Black Friday

I arrived at this forum and poker as a serious devout student of the game somewhere around black friday. Reading back and trying to catch up on many of the threads, strategy posts, and history of successful or non successful players, quickly leads one to realized the plethora of valuable posters that 2p2 was graced with pre black friday.

There are single posts that 5+ years later are still relevant to the game even though it has evolved and changed so much. Threads that can grow your poker experience and knowledge just by traversing the dialogues in them. Collective mind altering realizations through mathematics, game theory, probability theory, and strategy.

Post Black Friday

After black friday it seems to me there is a clear trail off. No doubt we lost many such talented, intelligent, and creative minds to other more profitable and stable fields (ie other jobs). Also no doubt some of the most intelligent players decided to guard their profitable secrets and simple stopped post such much, and stopped giving out valuable information. As the game started its clear decline the most abundant player became the slightly winning/breakeven reg. Looking back on the history of threads, these players became the strongest voice of their time.

There was still decent information being discovered and shared, but there seems to be a distinct difference between pre and post black friday in regards to the general attitude on 2p2 and the average post.


Fast forward to today and the reason for this post. I see a change now, and its grown all too apparent today. I don’t know if you all reading this follow much of this forum. But there are now a plethora of threads that are discussing the integrity of the game in various forms.

Last November amaya attempted a game changing rake policy. The players revolted and amaya gave a little. But amaya wasn’t finished with its tweaks and what was actually a win for the players started to feel instantly like a loss. WE are the regulars, WE are the recreational in an over raked environment, yet Dnegs and amaya kept tell us that what they are giving was what the recreational players want.

But who will love poker, if NOBODY is winning at the game?

Today things are at their peak. In mtt players are discussing a new reputation system for the game, a boycott for overraked mtts, a system of staking players built into the poker skin, ridiculous tournament guarantee fluctuations and more.

All across this site I see more and more everyday the average player concerned about rake policies. The phrase effective rake vs rake as a % is becoming common in our discussion. Players are starting to win arguments about rake targeting, putting those in their place that typically have collectively held up mythical beliefs about how such things work.

All over this site the predominant attitude is starting to be, we are your customer, we demand a skillful game where the best players are rewarded with profits.

ALL poker players want a game in which the best players win. Poker is a game of SKILL. That is why we play, even the recreational players want this. And this attitude grows stronger each day.

Sites have used their privileged position in the highly regulated igaming industry to introduce policies that run counter-intuitively to common business practice. But its only government regulation that props up a company’s status when it treats its customers with such blatant disregard.

But regulation of software and currency is evolving faster than amaya can count on such regulations to prop it up.

Sites are losing their grip. Already customer support on 2p2 is fading to oblivion. I don’t know if we see this. Players want a better product, poker, a SKILLED game where the best players profit…and what is continually happening is we are being offered an inferior product.

The Future?

Historically the players have slowly been out gamed…but as our game theory and collective intelligence naturally increases over time…will we continue to allow this to happen?….

Is there a way to transform this game into one in which the players win, and the player collectively gain?…

What is the end game here?


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