How to Have a Boycott

I see a ton of threads these days with customers that are not satisfied with their product in various ways. Over-raking, poor customer support, terrible structure decisions, bad software, bad hardware, security issues and so on.

The list and frequency of these issues seems to be just piling on daily. Many boycotts are being attempted but none of them are gaining the momentum to have any pull in relation to the monopolistic practices that regulatory and payment control rules have allowed to thrive.

But there is a mental barrier here. Especially for example in relation to the mtt boycott thread. Who will see this? Who will believe it will work? Where is the TANGIBLE effort that can have a measurable success.

Why not, every time there is an issue that is clearly not addressed satisfactorily by sites, players ACTUALLY take rake they pay for that tournament and use it to buy into a certain specified “tournament” on another easy to access and deposit website.

This tournament can be set for an indefinite time as some form of a multi entry or rebuy etc. And so players complaints would then look like this:

“Scew this disconnection bull I just withdrew 100 bux from “(bad) site” and deposited into the “we want poker back” prize pool”.

Some players might do this anonymously just to stoke the fire. But if players want they could go through various lengths to prove that a site is in fact losing business.

Remember it isn’t just the money that is important to these sites. They have many target goals and many different types of shareholders targets to meet. A change in the NATURE of a customer alone can have a dramatic effect.

I propose more than a boycotts. I propose a visual representation the the players are not happy. Truly voting with our feet. Player’s can contribute as little or as much value as they want as the simple act of voting on a consistent basis would have just as much of an effect as transferring a huge sum of money.


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