You’re hand waving again.

He explained that he couldn’t comment on it per his stars contract and their investigation. This is exactly what I had heard all along and weather you like it or not it’s reasonable explanation of why he took so long to comment

This forum has an interesting dynamic to it.  I don’t know if you can understand what it looks like to intelligent knowledgeable observers when mods make comments like this.  I can suggest one thing, Ike could have and should have stepped down as moderator of the integrity of this forum a long time ago.

As for further questions to Ike about the details and implications of him knowing about NH, hopefully those will be addressed.

Yes this is the interesting dynamic.  Its not that we are looking for reasonable proof, its that we have to convince every last oblivious or self interested (ie has a vested interest) person until they don’t have a leg to stand on.

Pretty clear what is going to happen here and its strange to see you and others act like nothing is going on.

NONE of this is cool, I thanked Ike objectively for giving a statement, cause apparently no one else is giving one…but what he did, what he is a part of is not cool.

And saying he is having his statements approved by Stars is like kicking the community in the face.  The only arguments i have heard this is appropriate for is because of the money he would have to give up.  I don’t like the people that think that is a reasonable excuse.

I see a lot of old school posters saying this is horse****, and then I also see this group of old posters saying they don’t see anything wrong.

There is something CLEARLY wrong here, and we seemingly haven’t begun to learn about it.

Hotwarmcold whats ur email ur always talking about, what if I or others have info but 2p2 won’t let us post it?

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