Determinism, Free Will, and Block Size

I tend to use words and phrases in funny ways, but somehow to careful readers I still seem to sometimes be able to get my point across. This writing is not for people who are set in their minds about the future of bitcoin in regards to the block size debate and the possible out comes.

This is a philosophical observation of a simplified tree of outcomes, namely bitcoin as a visa like network or bitcoin as a settlement network for high value transactions.

I want to highlight the possibility that to some extent bitcoin was quite foreseeable by different peoples for a certain length of our history. Especially around the advent of computers and telecommunication technology the advent of a globally exchangeable currency as well as many of bitcoins other features COULD be quite forseeable.

I think and suspect also the need to debate the future algorithm for block sizes may also have been foreseeable.

But I DON’T suspect the OUTCOME of the debate is foreseeable. Rather it seems to me that there might arise in the universe this same problem over and over in which a civilization could take one of two dramatically different paths before really starting to harness the power of cooperation and collective gain.

Often people suggest bitcoin as a settlement layer only causes the dissolution of many of the possible utilities bitcoin could (or does seem) to have.

I am never interested in debate and I think its silly and something I have on all the key and elite peoples. Not that I don’t fight and debate, I am human. But I know of another type of communication that is far more powerful, Bohmian dialogue, and my faith and belief in what is logic lies there (with the brilliant Quantum Physicist David Bohm as an extrapolation of dialogues with J. Krishnamuriti).

Are we able to see that on the one hand bitcoin as the next visa scale network would cause a radically different evolution of technology (and therefore society!) than bitocin as a settlement network. For the latter the next first important innovation in the eyes of big blockers IS a decentralized visa scale network (ie If you believe bitcoin should scale to visa, and we decide it won’t, then your next thought would/should be I wish someone would create that.)

A lot of people are talking about the future of mankind, because evolution and gains from cooperative strategy are advancing exponentially. Have we stopped yet to consider the ramifications of these two possible fundamental paths?

Can we think about it for a moment? Can we philosophize about the two different societies that might emerge? Are we truly or are we at all in control of this decision? Will or can the outcome be optimal? What might be its outcome?


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