Rethinking Babel

There is something about the story of the tower of Babel that is significant and relevant and I think we have failed to fully understand. Although the story itself might have basic truths, we might not actually understand what the true cause of success or failure is in relation such a story. We also might not readily be able to recognize, either back then or now, what is a favorable outcome in regards to the evolution of our society.

I say this because I see today we have a very comparable problem in front of us, if we can at all liken the ancient stories (and archaeological history!) to the need for a system of building blocks in relation to a finite amount of some transferable utility.

This system of consensus has changed forms over the history and pre-history of man and society, but the recognizable aspects are a consensus mechanism with some form of a pre-planned expirable future goal.

So the story goes man lived in some time of peace before it tried to a build a tower to the heavens (perhaps after successive attempts!). The result was “the gods” bestowed on man different languages which naturally result in different tribes and conflict. The old times of plenty and peace were lost.

But if we think of all of these stories rationally and in relation to scientific evolution we might understand man always reaches, and society can only truly reach and extend when it works together as a goal. The result is expansion and evolution in ways not previously known and certainly not understood. What is change is often seen as negative or bad, where the truth is society’s moans and groans are more comparable to an engine shifting gears.

In this regard the story of babel might be favorably perceived as the decentralization of language and thus a cultural that is more readily adaptable to expanding frontiers. This should be quite relatable then to our understanding of emerging economics (e-currencies) and computer science. Our misunderstanding of the scientific aspects of such a story is partially our own misunderstanding of our society today as well as the ancients misunderstanding of their own evolution at their own time.


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