Nash’s Insights Into Einstein’s Theory of Relativity

The problem and solution proposed by Nash in regard to our Keynsian economic system is really a re-understanding of reference points.  Understanding our limited knowledge of their application and how to highlight a creative solution where our logic seems to fail.

The related point here in cliffs notes is much like this:

We could see the truer measure of such an economy depends rather on the nature of the reference point being used.
Historically gold had served as a great reference point for the Breton woods system, but in various ways it seems the world has evolved beyond the utility of gold for such a basis.
Today the USD is quite a favored reference point for many countries, but there are reasons for both the US and all non US countries why such a reference is not favorable and hence we seem to be evolving beyond such a centralized solution.
Bitcoin however, includes all of the favorable properties of gold and more.
I think we might benefit from a community discussion on the possibility of using bitcoin as a decentralized reference point for each governments inflation targeting systems.

The reason this is important I think is quite clear. Since “science” is the evolution of our social consensus, and bitcoin is the implementation of a software version of building the pyramids (“asymptotically” decreasing placement of a finite number of blocks)…

We should be able to understand the relation of such things to our understanding of the cosmos.

It makes complete sense then that pyramids were built in relation to the stars, but also that our understanding of the cosmos allowed us to thrive and make cooperative actions as a society (ie build long lasting pyramids!).

And so my basic point here is that Nash’s insights on our global financial system were one and the same insight in regards to his cosmological extension of Einstin’s works.

In other words understanding the implications of different reference points seemingly can lead to the optimization of that reference point in regards to explaining and understanding, for example, the universe.

Of course I couldn’t get anyone to address this without credibility:

Here is Nash explaining his insights are in fact from 60 years ago, which is exactly the same time he came up with the concept for Ideal Money.  It is also the time society labelled him paranoid schizophrenic for saying he was going to liberate the peoples from their colluding governments:


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