Homo Simplicus

It seems to me especially as a group or society we have difficultly conceiving or learning about complex subjects.  By complex I mean something that takes about 5 or so simultaneous abstractions for the mind.  As if you are explaining to a Homo Simplicus, something quite powerful or interesting for them, you start with the first part of the explanation, move to the 2nd, and by the time you are connecting your third point Homo Simplicus has lost interest, focus, and any hope of understanding the complex subject or point to be made.

We should be able to see the connection between the individual and the whole of society in this regard.

In the future we may develop ways to solve problems a simple mind or a simple solution cannot solve.  This might likely breed a type of social intelligence or evolution or brain evolution that allows peoples or future “humans” to abstract complex problems and explanations that are not so easily or readily abstracted by individuals or society today.

We can think about many social issues today that society cannot properly deal with that might possibly be because of the Simplicus phenomenon.


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