Ideal Money and Solving Complex Games (and Social Problems!)

There is an extended significance to the concept of Ideal Money as defined by John Nash. “What is Ideal Money” is beyond the scope of this post, but we can assume sometime in the future society has harnessed a global monetary unit in which the quality of any money can be rated in relation to.

Complex problems, require complex solutions. One such type of problems and their solutions is in regards to social problems and/or with social solutions (ie the war on drugs!).

We solve problems by rendering them as subsets of their real form (games!).

We solve complex or cooperative problems, in the form of “games” by breaking them down into simpler non-cooperative parts.

It is money that changes the games from one of non-cooperative zero-sum gain, to one in which all players can gain by working towards an optimal cooperative solution.

No progress, or little progress can be expected from this process without money of an ideal (or at the very least superior than Keynsian or today’s form!).

Ideal Money is the beginning of the mastery of complex games and their solutions. That is to say, our beginning of social mastery.

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