The Implicate Mind

  • The test of a first rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function.

Fitzgerald was really on to something here.  In relation to bohm’s work on implicate order and a different understanding of time and the brain I would like to start a dialogue on something that I think if i really pushed in my circles of friends and society I would be unfairly labeled schizophrenic.

I think it might be helpful, for each of us to think of the brain as having at least two tracks, or two films that are playing simultaneously.  Each projects a certain reality, timeline, dimension, universe, lifetime etc.  And it is really our choice of what we acknowledge as experience especially through memory and reflection that determines that which we as an individual or we as a society levates as “reality”

In the future society might accept each or all of these alternate lines as at least useful for some form of either philosophical or theoretical discussion. And here is truly where I think our inability to see out side of our social conditioning lies.  It is not “What came first, chicken or the egg?”  but rather an inquiry and understanding of the relation of the two that is seemingly important when we understand our reality in this form.

We might see then there is some social ending of many age old conflicts in regard to trying to argue about disagreements that are objectively observable as unsolvable (and therefore absurd!).

There are many changes that this kind of perspective or perception or understanding might bring about. Exploring such possibilities in dialogue might help one bring about such an understanding.

If there IS a significant point here, I think one of the most obvious implications is in regard to mental health and our inability to understand it, as well as addiction and especially in regards to lying and wish fulfillment.


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