Solving the Floor Calling Problem of LC in relation to P2P Poker

In regards to extending lightning channel’s to the philosophy of p2p poker we are left with the problem of disencentiving habitual “floor callers”, that is the peoples that choose to run the equity of their hand and not adhere to the game flow.

So there is then incentive for them, especially considering variance, to make this move in certain spots, and so the punishment, in some form or another simply needs to equal this incentive (or be worse).

In live poker we might see how this could be solved, where someone is calling the floor excessively, then the Casino might not let that person back, might give them a waiting period, might take away some floor calling privileges, might charge a tax/rake/fee or penalty and so on.

Further more and in regards to that, we might choose a centralized authority, which itself could be either minimized or better yet divided into many decentralized (competing) authorities.

But it might also be solvable on its own by algorithm.

If a player pool has an average of spots in which the floor is called, it might be possible to track each players # of times they call (as a frequency vs time).

We can think of a simple tiered system in which those that are involved in “floor calling” move down a spot, thus pushing up less controversial players on average.

It can be made either costly and/or time consuming to move up in a tier from various ways such as rake, fees, points accumulated, shares, etc.

Some form of finite accounts or finite seats/tables, could be used to create a value that is desired to not be destroyed.


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