Mental Poker Theory

Mental Poker-A.Shamir R.Rivest L. Adleman


Alice Encrypts and shuffles.
Bob Adds Ecncryption and Shuffles

Alice needs Bobs K to decrypt; Bob needs Alices key to Decrypt

Problem: Both Keys (and therefore cards and strategies must be revealed).  Heads up only.

A Secure Poker Protocol that Minimizes the Effect of Player Coalition-Claude Crepeau (paper)


Adds protocol for determining deck permutation between multiple players by individually choosing secret permutations.

Problem: Strategy still revealed for verification of honesty

A zero-knowledge Poker protocol that achieves the confidentiality of the players’ strategy or How to achieve an electronic Poker face-Claude Crepeau


Players keep their strategy via All-or-Nothing disclosure of secrets implementation

Problem: Implementation, passing value via gameflow.

(***A New and Efficient All-or-Nothing Disclosure of Secrets Protocols Julien P. Stern

A Fast and Scalable Payment Network with Bitcoin Duplex Micropayments-Chirstian Decker Roger Wattenhofer


Gameflow and payments secured via Duplexed lightning channels

Problem: Implementation.


A Secure Mental Poker Protocol Over the Internet Weiliang Zhao Viray Varadharajan Yi Mu


Secure P2P mental poker via Introduction of third party dealer.

Problem: TTP are generally known as security leaks.

Sergio Lerner Mental Poker Patent:

How to Use Bitcoin to Play Decentralized Poker


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