Some Useful Points for Learning Martial Arts


Full Step-It is helpful to have a definition for a full step being a step to any direction with the leading foot followed by a correlating step with the trailing foot.

Half Step-In this context, a half step means we are stepping out in the desired direction with the leading foot only.  A supplementary point would be we are not likely, necessarily, or fundamentally transferring our weight at this point.

Toys vs. Games:  Here we think of a drill in which there is a facilitator and a student or learner.  The facilitator acts the part of a robot or not very smart villain that displays certain clear strategic weaknesses.  Hero, or the student learner, reacts in relation to the predictable facilitator.  The simplest level of response to the toy is practicing a single technique, while a more advanced use of the toy would include testing out different reactionary responses.

We can then compare games to a more complex game in which both parties are responding to each other with neither truly being a robot/facilitator.
An example of a toy then might be any time hero attempts an offensive strike the facilitator always responds by attacking into hero’s attack. Hero can have fun “provoking” such a response and adding various counter responses.  Hero never worries that the facilitator will change plans because they are only a broken robot (ie a toy!).
The toy can be changed and programmed to be more complex but by choosing a subset of the “game” (ie full sparring), hero has a chance to philosophically question the legitimacy of each response but with a physical tangible test.
From here we have unlimited sub games we can create that involved different implementations of restrictions that the facilitator can do.

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