Effectively Created Energy

If we think about ideal money in relation to energy and Hayek’s incredible machine (which is effectively the worlds most efficient evaluation machine), what humans really are creating or aiming for when it comes to more and more favorable forms of money is a manufactured type of energy.

To further examine this we must refere to TWON and understand the relationship between the efficiency caused by the division of labour, in relation to which he, Nash, Szabo, Hayek and others have pointed out in regard to money as a store of the benefits of this efficiency.

It can’t be argued that energy is created in this fashion, but thinking about effectiveness and reference points there is some perspective from which this would at least SEEM possible. So in this I wish to highlight the effective relationship between energy and efficiency gained which if for example there is only a finite amount of energy, can be an effective solution for the want or need of more of it (sadly not yet a solution to entropy problems).

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