“Case Studies”: Generalized and/or Anonymous Realistic Examples


John never used drugs other than the occasional time growing up. Even pot was a very rare substance for John to use, however John was a heavy drinker and moderate smoker. John was introduced to Suzy by a third party.  Suzy was a habitual drug user of every kind including opiates.  John made a very good income and once Suzy found out she slowly secretly got John hooked on smoking heroine and taking Oxycodone.  John was only slightly aware at first, and his family never knew or realized for many years that John’s affair was not at all about a lady, but an opiate addiction he could never admit or begin to come to terms with.  John disappeared many times over the years, for days and weeks at a time, with an addiction that family could not properly identify. John begged and pleaded for rehab, and even sometimes attended, but never was able to tell family why. John’s only hope was to one day have a stroke and get caught in the medical system to the point where he has 24/7 care and orders for arrest if he flees.  John can’t understand where he is, or why he is there.  He constantly professes his own wish fulfillment and occasionally has the intense urge to flee to something he never describes aloud (the cops promptly pick him up).


Jane dabbled in different types of substances throughout high school  She was very small and very vulnerable.  She lost her virginity through force.  She never knew or understood the dangers of opiates.  She partied in and out of a dangerous level of use of recreational drugs until she met Dave.  Dave used drugs to lure Jane into a home, and then he locked her up.  Dave used drugs to control Jane for days and weeks until he was finished. Jane was helpless in many ways.  When Jane was freed she was unable to testify to the cops, and barely able to talk to family about her trauma.  Jane felt guilt but didn’t understand the relationship her guilt had to her addiction.  Jane was barely able to talk about the trauma but used it to mask the underlying addiction.  Family encouraged Jane to seek help and support for abused women, but secretly Jane cried often (literally) for heroin.  Jane met Bob and had a child which kept her clean for a year.  The pressures of being a mother and having insatiable cravings started to get to Jane.  Jane would often mix alcohol and drugs to cope, but could not balance child care and intoxication.  Jane eventually become a nurse and grew more and more access to opiates and drugs.  Jane got her own place, quit her job (received social assistance for some period), stopped talking to family, stopped taking care of her child.  Jane’s place got taken over by a lower level gang, Jane was moved to another place in another city.  Jane won’t come home.  Jane is arrested for car theft in connection with her new boyfriend.  Jane still won’t come home.  The court ordered Jane must return to her new address every night.

John and Jane won’t come home when they are using.


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