Drugs Control the Addict, Who Controls Drugs?

When drugs control your loved one you must then naturally ask who controls the drugs?  The answer is sad because by nature of being illegal drugs in your country are controlled by the local mafias.  Adam smith talked about the effects of such laws against commodity being able to enter a nation.  Such laws never stop demand, but only increase the price.  Silk Road will bring the price back into the favor of the people.  For some that is a scary thought, cheaper (and more accessible!) drugs for everyone.  But for users, and family and friends, that are experience in this messy world, it could be a god send to know that we can keep our fallen loved ones at home, under care and supervision, at least at some form of a truly safe housing until they can stabilize their life and start to rebuild if they ever can.

Let our loved ones not be controlled by lower level violent criminal organizations.

Its a form of decentralization, where drugs are control by one subset of our society (mostly the violent set).  Its true (and probably beneficial), that such organized crime itself at times could be centralized or decentralized depending on the hierarchy and economy in the underground world at different times.  There might be a question about whether or not silk road will be stomping on powerful organized crimes’ turf, and IF the balance of power turns will that lead to a violent war.  Truly this is where we begin to understand centralization and decentralization. There COULD be such a dramatic shift of power depending on how things unfold but basically the best business (this is what the successful criminal organizations are) can and will adapt. Many no doubt have already, and they should be encourage to enter this trade and compete and strive to be more legit and accepted in this world. We are basically asking them (with money) to leave or loved ones alone, stop employing violent members and just take our reoccurring orders and some of the risk associated.


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