Pyramid Building and Blockchains

I’m sure I’m not the first to compare the blockchain to the erecting of pyramids but I do think that a community such as this could benefit from inquiry and dialogue on the subject and comparability. Most of our collective understanding of what bitcoin is and should be (a coffee money) is not very relatable in this sense and rather I want us to think about pyramid building in terms of predictability.

We often are perplexed when thinking about how the pyramids were built, and I think we are equally perplexed as to WHY they were built. However if we change the perspective from which we ask such question I think we can have SOME collective understanding that is quite scientifically and logically grounded and also new.

Here Hayek’s words and works are relevant as he points out in regards to the evolution of our economic circumstances as not at all scientifically preplanned but rather the product of evolution which is not at all constructed or preconceived. That ultimately the driving forces to our markets and society are not really designed by mankind, and rather marvels with which we might be able to use hindsight to make present analysis or extrapolations from.

I see the pyramids as this too, but we seem to get confused as we want to reverse engineer their construction (which might not be possible in some senses!?) and purpose, we forget that the peoples of their time (probably) did not understand exactly the purpose and role that pyramid building played in their time.

I’d like to put out there what will be perceived as a conjecture to the audience (but I think it is quite obvious and logically based), that the pyramids were simply the strongest consensus mechanism of their time and location and thus naturally became the basis for cohesion and agreeance amongst a larger and larger amount of parties.

That is to say once the great pyramid’s construction was well understood, societies naturally gravitated towards the utility of its predictability (ie today we are laying blocks, tomorrow we are laying blocks, blocks will be laid for x years). Without another long page to explain the process it is my understanding that eventually gold and coinage took over this standard in some form and in relation to “feudalism” and 2-D territorial agriculture, and gold as a disappearing or limited 3-d frontier passed to the Keynsian era of inflation targeting which (for reasons that also needs great explanation) morphed into the advent of bitcoin which is simply a basis for cooperation through predictability based on a sort of 2-d pyramid building scheme.

To me this lays the ground for the re-examination of the pyramids, their use and purpose and design, in terms of a competitive proof of work system, in which present blocks are discovered and laid only if they fit most perfectly with the already laid blocks.

Decentralization, competition, and secure methods of proof of work only (ie we built the best fitting block so we get paid), it seems is the only way we could possibly get such a group of peoples to construct such a massive and mathematically perfect structure. Then it seems we should be looking for the relationship between the transferable utility or accounting system and the work involving in cutting and laying blocks to understand the true nature of pyramid building.

For some, this might help explain a different benefit for the existence of bitcoin, rather than simply just a coffee type money (ie a basis for predictability).

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