Poker’s Triffin Dilemma

Originally Posted by Wiki
The Triffin dilemma or paradox is the conflict of economic interests that arises between short-term domestic and long-term international objectives for countries whose currencies serve as global reserve currencies.

I want us to collectively be able to understand and describe the problem that Dnegs and the rest of the community faces today in regards to recent rake policy changes announced by the status quo site.

An interesting excerpt from recently leaked conversations with dnegs and others can help us illustrate this point:

/2015 22:05:26] MouldyOnions: i believe you should adjust the rake depending on how beatable the games are. so in a game where everyone is equal skill, you have 0 rake

Dnegs puts out the counter argument and here is where the Dilemna can be seen:

Devil’s Advocate, a site cannot guarantee games are beatable. If, for example, all that were left were all players of equal skill, ANY rake would make the games unbeatable.

Sites cannot rationally contemplate such rake policies, yet we can see from the perspective of the players such a policy of standardizing effective rake IS in fact “ideal”. This is what we should call “Poker’s Triffin Dilemna” and once we can collectively understand the problem and the difficulty of solving it, I wish to present to the community my solution for it.


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