Recent Events and Reflections

Its been nearly 2 years since the proposal of “Ideal Poker” was released.  Since then I have created and written about the levation of an effective rake standard and also predicted that the general player pool would soon undergo a rake revolution.  We have seen and noted this change in the players psychology already, and in response to recent rake policy announcements by Amaya Stars.

Many players have adopted and use the phrase effective rake now, which might be just as much a product of the Amaya polices themselves as they might be from some other political agenda on the players behalf. What is important now, or what I feel will naturally occur, is the players will, and should, begin to discuss poker’s triffin dilemma.  This is a special problem I feel poker has evolved into that reflects the current dilemma in our financial system.

Its Dnegs that probably feels he is facing this problem, and trying to somehow solve and rationalize it from his own view.  How to explain to the players that Amaya’s action and direction are moral and justified and even desired.  But Daniel probably won’t understand for some time that he faces the same situation our governments and central bankers face in addressing the citizenry.

The policies from a centrally banked standpoint, barring any universally incorruptible standard, can only ever be what Nash describes as comparable to bolshevikism, and Hayek might refer to as serfdom.  We shouldn’t want to remain trapped in this perspective. There is an approach to economics, whether it be Nashian, Hayekian, Szabonain, Satoshian etc that serves the people to the highest level and extent of the technology of our time.

It takes dialogue to understand, to define, and address the seemingly unsolvable issues the players of the great games face today.


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