The Significance of Poker’s Triffin Dilemma and levating a Standard Unit of Money (

It might have taken me some time before I could present a coherent argument and yet recent policy announcments by the poker industries status quo site (monopoly!) have shown thewealthofhips to be somewhat prophetic (although claiming to be scientific). I myself came to understand bitcoin and the revolutionary changes we are witnessing in our global financial system through a series of lectures and papers entitled Ideal Money by John Nash. I am still not always confident at all there can ever be shown a relationship between bitcoin Satoshi Szabo and Ideal Money, but it was Nash that got me thinking about the possible different and superior evolutions of money.

Straight up the introduction to Ideal Money suggests we have failed to understand money as a telecommunications.

To me this is all quite relevant and significant because I think it can be shown that games necessary evolve out of the socio economic and technological level of their times. Nash proposes in Ideal Money a solution to our global financial problem known as the triffin dilemma. The basic point is that governments or central banks can’t rationally serve the interests of the peoples.

Nash proposes a solution to this problem he feels will levate a global standard of Ideal Money, and I do tend to agree with him. But what is seemingly more urgent and important is that I feel I have shown that poker has inherited this same problem of the triffin dilemma, for what should be seen as a natural evolution.

Then there are some important points to be extrapolated because I think in regards to massive reform and superior strategies of the peoples I think it is quite rational to suggest that poker will move and change first and be the first community to implement what is the suggestion and revelation of Nash’s in regards to bringing about what will ultimately lead to Ideal Money.

In specific regards to poker and comparability of the problem the community faces, poker sites are increasingly seeking to make the game not skill-full by managing the profitability of it, while of course the poker professional will disagree with such policies it might be easy to see why the ignorant players might applaud such socialistic practices.

I don’t know if we understand what I mean to point out here about how such a collective group of game theorists will be the first to out game their Keynesian rulers. Cooperative strategies and solutions, brought about by the competitive nature and evolution and technology.


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