Open Letter to Bite Poker

Poker sites naturally (and obviously) seek to create a breakeven environment, so for example sites might quite rather create tiers between players types (aka segregated players pools!).

This is where i have had new insight and its in regards to bite. I truly think you have something that the players want and need to hear but unfortunately you seem to be stuck in the direction you should be monetizing the idea.

I think rather the idea is bigger than you give it credit for and have potential to dramatically change “the game”. Marx saw a society with no classes so that there was not the poor and ruled vs the wealth rulers and yet some learned peoples argue that only capitalism can save us from such servitude. It shouldn’t be hard to show that the ideal of capitalism would lead to a fully free and therefore equal society, with only the danger being trying to impose such a society before its fruition from a capitalistic state.

So there might be an optimal tier system that leads to an optimal society that may or may not have a tier system but I think the concept and dialogue on bite would be a necessary and giant first step.

I myself have always felt I see beyond the bite model into some self generating and perpetually optimizing economy, yet I think bite is the perfect explanation to today’s player to have them understand how and why we might get there.


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