Re-Solutant Language

Then in regards to re-solutance there is levated through the gamification of it certain techniques, rules, laws, or language. Like bohm’s extension of our mathematical abstractions or smart contract language defined by Szabo or the evolving mathematics designed by Shinichi we can see that a language might evolve for re-solutance.

Re-solutance would favour both a defined perspective with many qualifications and caveats but also reference points and a generalized view.  The generalized view is significant and most helpful in regards to what we would call resolving other viewpoints.

So there must be some symbols or language that can describe a larger overview that might encompasses two otherwise opposing viewpoints and as well has have some markers to point to which view point has been brought into a re-solutant state.

There is a game here in the future sense, a movement, or a natural order towards the levation of re-solutance. The actual symbols and language that should be used will be that which proves useful.  One can theorize for now and use inquiry for discovery.

It is definitely that understanding re-solutance could be helped by understand effective social leaps through dimensional planes which are not so much irl occurrences but abstractions that are collectively communicable. So then standard maths should apply to some extent in our abstraction and understanding.

So re-solutance really has to do with social progress and evolution, and our inability to reconcile different perspectives. The process and the result on the individual;s and society’s consciousness might be difficult to convey or explain without actual experiment and participation.

Edit: Also their is implication here that “robots’ or smart algorithms could be used to update the entirety of human knowledge thus far. Seemingly this would be relatively easy to construct.


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