There is then levated the possibility for, as an extension of our understanding of “this”, what I would like to be called “re-solution”.  There is the spontaneous dissolving of two otherwise distinct and divided points of view. As a rheomode we would call this re-solutant which is that much different than resolution.  Re-solutant is in effect a return to the natural solution and or in other words the end of duality.  What we would refer to today as resolution, or to resolve.

But Re-solutant implies a different process and outcome than resolution.

Re-solutant refers to the process by which one might attactch a counter point to an argument as a corollary to that argument.  At first this might not at all seem natural as we are bred for conflict and not to make complementary inquiries and remarks.

In terms of game theory we are really just talking about solving the game and playing a Nash Equilibrium strategy. And in advanced game theory we might say we are changing the game so that our opponent does the same.

In terms of mathematical and or logical language there is then levated the implication that there are words, symbols, and functions to be developed that naturally introduce re-solutance. Then these functions should be applied across all fields of the sciences.

Then it should be easy to show that some understanding of “this” necessitates the simultaneous (and spontaneous) levation of multiple evolutions in order for certain higher level social progress and biological/cosmological evolution.


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