Re-Solutance in Regards to Time Travel

Then it is understood that the advent of time travel (and the lack of past or future travellers to the present) suffers from society’s inability to collectively and consciously resolve the paradox’s created and implied in it.

The objective reality that society is the gate keeper of then can only be moved by a certain level of social/technological progress, and this we will understand is quite hampered by our inability to resolve dualities.

Re-solutance, can be seen to have implications in regards to multiple universes type theories and other (in)complete(d) logic systems that may themselves be completely full of otherwise logically absurd statements (that may or may not be useful or legitimate depending on different perspectives).

The short point here might be to suggest that a time traveller visiting from the future (or past!) might NOT be the tangible proof that changes the collective consciousness to being able to “see” time travel as reality. For reasons not understood by us today (and more importantly not expressible) time travel from our view might need certain social progress which also implies then technological progress.

We might still approach it, or attain it from philosophical/theoretical view point but it might not be immediately available to us regardless, and for this reason.

In here though, there lies the reasoning for the RE- being added to Solutance, as there is the implication that time is not linear, but by perspective alone.

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