The Importance of Re-solutance and Its Relevance to the Past History of Thinkers

Re-Solutance is important then for social evolution (and expansion) and subsequently for technological advance. In regards to the history of man it can be understood that re-solutance implies the extension and generalization of theories and ideals, which in regards to society at that time caused a lot of violence and suppression towards the author. Many individuals that were writing and thinking ahead of their time were either suppressed or suppressed themselves simply because they out paced the general order. Socially understanding the importance of re-solutance can help guard us against such ignorance (and violence).

We MUST allow ourselves to think, meditate, write, and express counter intuitively, irrationally, and with a type of thinking that might even be diametrically opposed to itself. We must see it was error in the past to try to dissuade the sciences and others from heading in such directions.

We must not only explore all possibilities (and therefore all impossibilities) but we must also seek to understand the relationship of all these possibilities.

Both the exploring and the resulting formalization of how to explore is re-solutance.


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