“GTO” Rake/Rakeback policies for sites/players and sustainability/profitability?

It certainly seems clear the community has gone through a revolution in our collective understand of rake, effective rake, and rake policies in general. We see many different types of players espousing different types of views, and many of these views seem counter intuitive to each other in a way that suggests at least one side of the argument is wrong (if not both).

I think many players (and people in general) have come to a certain viewpoint and they want to test its validity by preaching it to the community and seeing if their opinion or subjective view can survive the onslaught of scrutiny. The problem with many most or all of these views is they are considerations only in a vacuum.

There is a higher level generalized approach though in my opinion and I wish we would not only hear it but eventually hold dialogue on the subject.  We should want to take all of our different views and see them under the scope of a general formula.  This is why we say:

Here the key viewpoint is methodological, as we see it. HOW should the poker society and the poker site authorities seek to improve economic poker welfare generally and what should be done at times of abnormal economic difficulties or “depression” (variance)?


The methodological view point, is how we get to optimal, and although the above might seem a little wordy it is quite easy to explain and understand.  OPTIMALLY, we would want to arrange the entire economy and infrastructure of online poker to attack the problem of “What are optimal rake/rakeback polcies?  What is the optimal player pool segregation (if any at all!)? What are the optimal tiers for player?  What are the optimal game types and structures?”

For many players this will seem like a strange view point to hold a discussion from.  Many players have their beliefs which they hold dearly to because they have extended arguments from them that seem to hold water under SOME circumstances.  Who among us can see a higher generalized viewpoint from which we might “game” the optimal solution?

What are the “GTO” parameters for poker and how might the infrastructure of the game be arranged to levate them?


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