Borders and Nations in Regard to Optimization

There is seemingly something to understand in regard to the fundamental nature and cause of a wealthy nation or at least the physical boundaries that arise because of them. Through Hayek’s works we understand the markets to be the most incredible pricing mechanism possibly achievable by man, that allow us to optimally utilize the different commodities available to our kind.

We might understand the arising of nations in this regard as well. That optimally we would want to utilize the land, or structure the borders so that there can be optimization in regard to the resources they represent (security obviously comes to mind here).

Then depending on the different technological level of the associated time, there would arise the need for different or changed/changing borders.

These border may need to be dynamic OR there might a great use in “static” borders over time, but probably, at least until some point, it might be useful to “discover” certain equilibriums (ie stability and predictability is socially useful).

I don’t know if we understand “nations” and their use and purpose in this way.

There is a suggestion here then that some physical locations in this world are quite naturally secure (Japan?) and some are quite naturally not secure (Palestine?)


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