Amaya Isn’t Stupid or Blunderous

Alex Dreyfus was right on Chicago Joey’s recent podcast when he said Amaya/Poker Stars isn’t stupid.  I want to explain something that might be useful for the general player pool to understand, but I’m not going to do it in my usual in depth way.  I’m going to keep it simple.

You go into your grocery store with a list of items.  First on the list is taco shells so you head to the taco fixings aisle. You see 10+ different options of tacos each with their own price and “bonuses”.

Taco Package A has 12 tacos, taco mix,  salsa and costs $6.
Taco Package B has 10 tacos, mix and sauce and cost $5.25.

I think we can see where I am going with this. You turn the packages around, and check the ingredients.

Package A, modified cornstarch, palm oil, hydrogenated soy bean oil.
Package B whole grain whit corn, vegetable oil, sea salt, calcium hydroxide.

The customer has an opportunity here to make an optimal decision, but because of the “mental transaction barrier” the resulting “choice” is often not only far less than optimal, but somewhat controlled by the disinformation provided to the consumer. The calculations might even be quick and simple but not all customers have the time (and/or want) to make them.

Imagine instead, the customer walks in to the store with their PREFERENCES.  “I am looking for x food. I value price at Y level.  I value healthy food at Z level….etc.”

You walk into the store with some futuristic magic “google glasses” and the optimal products in regard to YOUR wants and preference are highlighted.

It shouldn’t be hard to understand how this not only would be valuable for the customer, but would cause increased competition between producers of the products we buy. A company can no longer use this type of deception (whether supermarket or the producers of the products), and there is a very fine feedback created in regard to the customers ACTUAL wants.

We should understand this in relation to policy changes that the general poker population is fed by Amaya and Poker Stars “public relations” employees. These policies are deceptive ON PURPOSE. We can understand how this might help the policy makers on a basic level but let us take a closer look because we might realize something interesting together.

WHO do these deceptive policies affect the most?

These policies affect everyone of course but it should be easy to agree that deceptive policies affect the ignorant players the most-the unawares.  Often the “professional” players or the most educated or best thinkers, collectively “game” these promotions and policies and quite quickly and easily figure out the optimal solutions.

Players with large networks or networks with knowledgeable players are more likely to make optimal choice versus these policies.

Do professional players want the recreational depositors getting out-gamed by deceptive Amaya policy?

In some ways it might seem favourable…AMAYA SURE TELLS US IT IS!!!

So here comes my thesis based on a conjecture that “I cannot prove, nor do I expect it to be proven”, yet I still expect it to hold quite true for all of time:

As time goes by, the customers of the great games will grow more and more intelligent on average, and make increasingly more optimal decisions.

That’s it. My contribution in a nutshell right there.

If you are planning on building a business or industry that profits and sustains off the deception of the citizens that participate in it then you are headed for failure and fast!

Lastly we should understand, it is not only social advance that allows the customers or players to out game deceptive policy, but of course technological advance is the GREATEST leverage tool for the ordinary individuals.

This concludes the introduction into what we can call an “effective rake meter”.


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