What Does it Mean to Sportify Poker?

Alex Dreyfus has a plan to sportify poker through a great endeavour he recently spoke of on Joey Chicago’s podcast. His plans I think will change to some degree, but ultimately I do believe he will be a success (mostly because of what he said about science).  But I want to explain something in regard to a technology that is going to disrupt Dreyfus’ plans for the future of poker.

Sportify: 2 Different Meanings?

Dreyfus has ulterior motives here however that is not to say they aren’t inline with thewealthofchips and the future of poker described here-yet we should be cautious and clear together.

By “sportify” we mean, or we SHOULD mean, to make poker a respected game of skill.

Dreyfus and his endeavours are more rather tended towards making poker a marketable event which the public might support and enjoy. He wants to UFC-ize the game (I’ll leave that one to the readers).

This is why an effective rake standard is going to disrupt his business model, although I suspect Dreyfus will adjust to it successfully (depending on how quickly the effect rake standard appears in his horizon).

A Disruptive Technology

A simple introduction for such a standard can be found here.

Basically what we are looking at is the advent of a “meter” that tells the players what the cost of exchange is on each site. This meter is going to highlight the winrates of each player, this allowing the general population to properly evaluate each player, and each strategy the players use.

THIS will “sportify” poker, because the players AND the general public will able to clearly identify that poker IS a game of skill.


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