DNegs and GTO Bargaining Strategy

Recently a players meeting was scheduled, that was apparently a gift from Daniel to the players in response to Poker Stars reneging on its VIP program that had players grinding for an entire year under the belief they would receive promised benefits for the 2016.

Admittedly the attendees on behalf of the players were to sign NDA so they wouldn’t be able to discuss details that the general public are not privy to.  Many players believe the meetings were to discuss a possible solution to the unethical and gross misconduct Poker Stars/Amaya showed when it slashed the VIP program via a leaked press release.

The results of the meetings were not communicated expediently for reasons explained below:

You see the players must be careful not to break the NDAs and it is still not clear to the author whether or not Poker Stars/Amaya must approve the attendees statements on the meetings.
Daniel Negreanu, who admittedly doesn’t represent the online community, however got to get the first comments out about the meeting in a media interview:

It started around noon. I had a 7 pm flight, and they were still going when I left.
The players signed an NDA, so they can’t talk about the specifics on the numbers of how the company is doing, or specifics about the ecosystem.
It’s debatable whether Stars made the right changes, but I don’t think there is any question that anyone who saw the numbers would have disagreed that changes were necessary.
I wasn’t there until the end, but it seemed like everyone was happy. There was no resentment or anger. It was a very positive meeting from both side’s perspectives.
To be clear, the meeting was not a negotiation
The goal of the meeting was to show the players in attendance what position we are in as a company. It was to show that the changes had to happen now rather than a year from now because the dangers of them happening a year from now outweighed the fact that a two-year promotional promise was going to be reneged

It is quite the GTO strategy isn’t it?

Not only does Daniel jump the line to give the narrative of the meetings that might console different groups before the NDA attendees can have a chance to clear their insights, but Daniel has a clever way of being able to say the meetings were positive (when its obvious they weren’t going to be!)-he says in effect “Well I wasn’t there the whole time so I could be mistaken!”

Furthermore he goes on to hammer the point home, that not only does Stars want MORE influential players to sign NDAs, but that the information that the public isn’t privy shows that Stars’ position is in fact justified:

One of the people they specifically wanted to speak to was MaleaB. He posted a lot of information on his perception of the numbers and the truth. If he had been there, he would have seen how far off the numbers were regarding how he thought the pie was divvied up between players and the company.

And finally we start to hear from the attendees:





Glad everything is clear boys!

Did the players pay for these vacations with raked monies?

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