Re-solution of Multiple Universes

In regard to the fundamental causes of wealthy nations and the objective valuation of commodities, as well as optimizing transport and migration and especially in relation to optimizing the division of labour we can start to see that human civilization is evolving towards the ideal use of the land (and sea) terra provides for us.

From the view of some far away civilization that might have planted us on earth in some distant past (whether as humans or something we evolved from far earlier in the timeline) it might be that we are to optimize our function for some form of a mining process.

From a natural evolution stand point it might be seen to be more significant, not that we idealize the proper commodity useage, but rather we pass a boundary of efficiency that allows us not only to sustain life for all time but to be able to extend our transport systems indefinitely “outwards”.

It is an important view to ponder I think which brings up the question of whether we might someday meet intelligent life or any life that might itself naturally evolve to seek out and find “us” (thus somewhat speeding up the process of such discovery), or whether we might be the only life “out there”.

But in the spirit of re-solutance it could be shown that either life being abundant or the possibility of us populating an ever growing section of the universe could be effectively the same result for certain considerations.

Then we have consideration of the optimal use for our universe as well as the blockchain’s relation to new civilizations (hint: we might enter a collective algorithm across space time for even better “integrity” in our security and money systems).

I think then it becomes quite simple to see that we are someday expected to brute force solve our universes relationship to other universe which probably has theoretical ramifications in subset subjects we ponder and develop today.

Spiritually, if we understand “wholeness and implicate order” to any degree, this brings up questions and re-solutions to how and why such a universe might exist and what its function might be as the answer to a question that couldn’t be other wise solved.



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