The Machiavellian Poker Perspective

(By JFN)

A serious study of the phenomena of chips issued by poker site authorities would not be comp-lete without consideration of a Machiavellian analysis of the “con games” that arise whenever the quality level of chips may seem different to different types of “players”. And Machiavelli is very notable as an early “non-mathematical” game theorist (!!).

The issuer of site-sponsored “chips” is comparable to the person of “Il Principe” in the writings of Machiavelli. And the Prince (in the Machiavellian sense) naturally has a circle of advisors and counselors (some of whom may be qualified to be called poker ambassadors or player reps).

The advisors to Prince Baazov will typically find it easier and more strategically wise not to criticize the fundamental structure of the Prince’s provision, for his Amayaian Principality, of a specific medium usable to facilitate poker games. And networks, in the Principality, may have become adapted over time periods like at least a generation or maybe of several generations to the specific characteristics of the rake/rakeback system, perhaps the “effective rake standard”, that is provided in the Amayaian Prin-cipality.

If the (effective) position of being the Prince of Online Poker is rotating or like a political office with a “term limit” then it can easily happen that one Prince (Isai!) will want to spend heavily, on his own most favored projects, before the next Prince will come to power with his own quite different agenda and perceived system of preferences for site rake/rakeback policies. And a current Prince may not infrequently be able to spend money without immediately raising rake, thinking to leave that burden to his successor and to his successor’s shareholders. (And also such a Prince can naturally think that if his successor finds that the balance sheet is relatively bare of resources and that rake income is limited that that successor will be discouraged from heavily spending on his own pet areas (which might be viewed as undesirable from the viewpoint of the current Prince (Isai!).)

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