The GTO Solution to Reality

thewealthofchips then I think shows that there is some objective truth that is comparable to the nash equilibrium of the most complex game that might be generalized and represented by our most evolved language for symbolizing it.

In this then it has been shown that the only possible way to solve such a game whether in theory or actuality is by a brute force evolution that eventually levates the solution like an artist revealing the hidden intention of the rock he chisels or a mining process that removes enough waste to finally reveal the valuable ore body behind it.

As if something wanted to “know” and so it created the big bang so it could eventually divide itself into separate consciousnesses that work together in selfish harmony to brute force the solution to ultimate objectivity.

Then if we think of diffident universes under some multi verse theory there is the question of whether or not these different universes might themselves have objective truths that they might discover which are different from “our” objective truth in this universe.

Of course this highlights what might be obvious to the reader. Some greater truth!

So then an understanding of inter-universal geometry is clearly needed for the pursuit of the highest objective truth.  Then there is at least a value in the theoretical concept and formalization of multi-verse theory.

Then it is not that society is the provider of objective truth but there is a necessary reason that society seeks to be the finder of it (and does so!).


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