The Search For Objective Truth: The Great Game

Can we make the assumption that we all long for truth? That we all might crave it, or move to it, or adore it if we could know exactly which content is “true”? Do we know the direction of infallible logic? Do we know what is false doctrine so we might avoid it?

Can these things be sorted out with reason?

I think perhaps we make the mistake of believing that science levates an objective truth, and that by being blindly peer reviewed, the minimized bias creates a likelihood of truth that so unrivaled that we call it the ultimate objective.

I am not so sure.

We inherit this belief perhaps from our democracies or some other inherited belief system that the majority must rule (rather than perhaps simply (today) the majority does rule) in regard to what is socially acceptable or deemed “truth” (obviously worse would be if an elite minority ruled).

Its easy to see and say one might not want to argue with “social rule” in regard to say a stop light, or a police officer that wants to pull you over for running it, however I think we should not try to extrapolate a corollary that suggest that social rule is the most objective or “truthful” (or scientifically accurate!).

So here I think I have levated a question, that creates a division which I think might be “socially” useful, “Is there an objective truth?”

Firstly we can note that we have broken from the notion that society is the provider of the objective truth, since it should be quite easy to show that at least in the past, society has been the proponent of very subjective truth (perhaps such as the world is flat etc.).

Science claims to be on the pursuit of this, but again it is subject to the whims of social order regardless of its rigorous method and system.

Yet if we can imagine some possible objective truth, perhaps only what god (that might not exist) would know, we might then see this process as a game in which the ultimate strategy is found based on the ultimate objective truth.

Balance then in some sense could be said to be optimal in this regard, but the search, pursuit, and application of balance would of course be futile without a center point (like targeting a corruptible metric!).


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