Spontaneous Order of Ideal Poker

There is then levated in regard to Hayek’s Fatal Deceit, and the ultimate advent to bootstrapping of bitcoin, the understanding that if the proper (minimum!) components of a new idea are assembled in a tangible fashion that such an organism must or might necessarily arise.

This should be perfectly comparable and understandable to the origin of life (or the erection of the great pyramids that stood long enough that we might learn the language of them and study them) in that we are not at all able to re-create it through reverse engineering, but rather we might be able to isolate the most simplest of elements that were required to inspire the beginning of what would become a sustainable entity (the evolution of which we could never hope to “design”).

I don’t want to be too specific here.  There were certain philosophical considerations that eventually created the project bitcoin that itself lived and evolved long enough so that the world might adopt it through a decentralized option of exchanges. At this point it is quite clear we have a phenomenon that might itself not evolve fast enough to sustain, but might be built upon in such a way that it never becomes wholly irrelevant in regard to what society values.

Too much attempt to create a mechanism for central planner would create an invention that does not create sustainable economy or mechanism that fosters itself enough to be significant.

So then in regard to Ideal Poker, there may be such a subset of considerations that could be used to levate a revolution and evolution in this regard.

Already though I am thinking about the generalization of cards and card games, and so games also in general and so the problem I have been addressing becomes far bigger than I intended to address in some ways, yet far smaller of a scope in others.

Then I need time to develop this new paradigm.

Also I should note here and probably elsewhere too, the relation and extension of Hayek’s work and specifically on “spontaneous order” to bohm’s “wholeness and implicate order” which with regard to re-solutance is quite easily re-solvable from my understanding of them.

I suspect this has not been addressed by anyone in the sciences and I will endeavour to bridge these paradigms no doubt.



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