Basic Notes/Thoughts on Creating Sustainable Infrastructure

Dawkins fills in a lot of theory that fits in with a lot of things I’ve been putting together (largely probably because I’ve been trying to following Szabo’s works which he refers to Dawkins).

His works somewhat shows that some things are best designed by evolution alone. “Ideality” is achieved by selfish entities competing into a state in which no single entity can gain by changing strategies.

Out of that stable equilibrium only evolution on another plain can occur. Once equilibrium is achieved,  pressure for that change mounts.

This suggests there are basic components like building a fire, heat, oxygen, fuel (or from perspective, aligning the first two cards for a card house).

We can think of what might be the minimum components necessary to spark this growth.

Sifting through what is unnecessary to spark such evolution reveals only what is needed.
Some attempts at ‘life’ create stagnant dead ends, then it is necessary for an external change to facilitate significant evolution.

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