Game Talk

There might be a language from the players point of view in relation to a generalized casino solution I am thinking about but haven’t fully developed.  We can think of a grand casino in the sky that offers not only any game earth currently offers but also any game earth might conceive (I don’t mean yet to include “impossible” games but simply perhaps games that haven’t been invented with current technology (ie not games with infinite cards)).

This casino offers for example a decks, tables, seats, dealers, etc. and it becomes up to the players to decide what they want to play and who they want to play with etc.

There may be special rules needed for the eco system to maintain but we can assume they are in place and minimal for now.

Then there is a need for each game maker, and or each player, of each or any game, to communicate what it is they want and how they might make their decisions and take there turns etc.

There might be a very useful generalized language from the player and game maker perspective that captures the spirit of all or many games of some basically quality.

Perhaps there is an ideal language from this “front” end that captures a maximum number of games of some foundational quality.

We might then brute force develop and solve all games at this level or some smaller subset of an ideally useful amount or “group”.

And then we could begin to develop a generalized approach to solving them as well as establishing rules and systems that allow the individual human brain to optimally apply this information.

Much of what I write about is something ethereum fully takes control over, I am wondering if there is some relevant language to be developed here that uses ethereum and bridges it for the game developer and players.

I guess eventually I am thinking of some way to create and incentized ecosystem that creates games based on “want” and evolves them based on the propriety created by the field, that properly balances incentization for solution with recreational play.  Thus some evolution would occur in the field of games that we couldn’t really hope to foresee, or describe, or understand.



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