A possible mechanism for levating effective rake

I don’t fully know what DFS is because I don’t play it. But the definition I am using is a sports betting site that one can bet on the outcome of certain sporting events. I want to pitch a thought, that will be difficult to evaluate for people because its tough for me to give the scope in a short OP. But some will understand I am sure.

We kind of have to use the efficient market hypothesis as an assumption, or more relevant some hypothetical ideal website and system for betting for the conjecture, but I think it isn’t to much of a stretch for it to be useful if it holds.

Also I am not too emotionally attached to this specific theory so I am quite welcoming to criticism so that it might become stronger or more accurate (or thrown away).

Simply put, it seems to me, that if there was a very low friction, highly liquid, market mechanism for betting on poker event outcomes, then this would highlight effective rake.

That is too say that at its ultimate implementation (that may or may not be possible because of regulation etc.), there could be a technology that allows players to properly valuate themselves, other individuals, and the overall averages of fields in regards to difficulty that is related to rake, in the form of a dfs site for poker.

Am thinking in the right lines here?

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