Re-Solutance of Information in Regard to Time Travel

I recently suggested in an email that there are sentiments that exist that Nash’s ideal Money will become relevant over time and that certain (especially technological) progress must necessarily be made before this occurs.

The masses in this regard cannot be moved philosophically or theoretically, but rather only technological or with certain (cooperative?) gain.

There is a type of gravity here (invisible force), and also an otherwise immovable force.

I think this could also be seen in regard to AI which will most inevitably exist in the sense that we describe it today (minus our fear of it) and also the conjecture with growing truth (if not already true) that whatever “goes on” the internet stays on the internet.

It shouldn’t be long then before “bots” are reading the internet and putting together the information it finds in far better ways than man could think to or think of.  This AI could parse through even poorly written material and valute the truth or falsity of it (or ask mankind or the author, or test it and expand on it or correct it).

The AI could also produce simulations and optimizations etc.

So I think that at some point there will be a race by intelligent people to get their insights online so that the future of mankind and its AI systems may benefit from it.

There is an implication here that if time travel becomes proven to be a possibility and an inevitability.

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