Apologies to any reader or following of TWOC.  Lately many of the posts are not so readible, especially without a decent overview of TWOC which no one is really expected to have.

In regard to propriety it can be said that there is no better mechanism than the totality of society in its present state (assuming causality and linear time ie no time travel) in dealing with what is ultimately otherwise uncertain (the difficulty of dealing with uncertainty being the exact nature of the problem mind faces).

This is interesting to me, and if we can at least for the time being, assume its validity, there is a suggestion then that the only way for any meaning to come about in this sense, is through the division of perspective.

What is also implied I think, is the suggestion of a necessity of an iterative process of divided perspectives. Or in other words a single or individual perspective cannot provide such meaning.

I think that has cosmological implication but also relevance to AI. It suggests effectively unbreakable amount of security is needed between what would be “perspectives”… in other words anonymous transactions that even bitcoin doesn’t provide.

This also necessitates limitation on the speed of information.

Perspective then can have different related definitions such as: that which cannot instantaneously share information.

or: that which does not necessarily know what another space knows.

There is a suggestion here then that parameters or limits such as light speed etc. could be “measured” in the sense of defining which iteration we are on. And also that iterations and infinite expanses can be viewed and thought of as one and the same


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