E-Poker Pseudo Code


The cage (secretly) generates a private key and outputs a public key for players to secretly give inputs for:

Potential Players enter agreement:

Puts full stack equity into escrow with private key:

Time locked for longer than poker hand: if no reveal then reveal private

Player can claim refund by revealing private key (before refund time)

(Can) Distribute equity based on contracts player signs

Seat ticket: Cage encrypts a public key (pairs to cages private) with each players private key and broadcasts thus “calling” players to the table


Players decrypt their associated ticket to claim seat (ie proves escrow)

Players offer public keys (allegedly associated with private escrow)

First player is the dealer because they start the hand history.

Decides and signs-agreements of the hand ( hh function with parameters):

Chips, seating, players/pub keys, game protocol.

“Dealer suggests each player that participates should be paid out based on the end of game flow and reveals, otherwise forfeits their escrow”

Everyone signs, dealer starts.

End of hand (chip/equity distribution)

If player doesn’t reveal in time, loses escrow, and private key is revealed.

Escrow is paid to winner

Otherwise split between participants.

Players can pass a signed copy of the hh into the Cage for payouts.


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