Cypher Poker FAQs

A notes pages of various answers, probably we can assume most of them are by PB author of cypher poker.

CypherPoker isn’t based on Ethereum but rather makes use of it as a ledger and settlement service. As a rough estimate I would say that 90% of the game takes place between game clients and interactions with Ethereum are processed in the background. Waiting for new blocks wouldn’t make for a great game experience

there are a couple of places in the protocol where the game client needs to wait for Ethereum (for example, when mining a new contract for a hand). However, this is easily overcome by pre-mining contracts so that they’re available (nearly) instantly. My biggest concern during game play is the speed of the encryption/decryption between game clients – at higher bit lengths (1024-bit, for example), it’s noticeably slower than in centralized/non-peer-to-peer systems, but even this can be sped up significantly. These optimizations are on the to-do list and have been partially implemented in other parts of the game client.


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