Re-solutance in Regard to Capitalism Vs. Socialism

In the city I live in there are a few back alley routes specially designed for what seems like the garbage collection route.  These alleys separate back-yards and back-yard entrances and parking accesses for rows of homeowners.  In two parts of the city these “arteries” lead nearly right to different bottle depots.

I want to propose a project by which homeowners leave refundable bottles in the back alley for citizens (presumably homeless persons) to collect and transport to the bottle refund depots for money.

This in itself is not really a wild idea but is probably widely contested from homeowners that don’t want to attract ruffians in there alleys ways.  However a quick experiment or observation will show this already be the case in most alleyways. This proposal incentives a flow to this type of traffic.

What we might have is designated bins (perhaps with a special color) for a special “social” program which relevant citizens could be targeted for (there could be necessary qualifications).

The key to this proposal is that at the bottle depot, the participants would receive a mobile phone, that is specifically provided for the purpose of receiving (and spending) digital tokens called “city-tokens”.

Perhaps they get a choice between traditional money OR a larger amount of “city-tokens”.  These tokens can be accepted at any participating business that might serve the needs of this sub-set of the population.

For example a clothing store, or a thrift shop, might accept “city-tokens” either at value or even with a discount for the purchaser.

At each level it can be that either the city pitches in value or that the business itself participates perhaps for good publicity and/or good will.

Incentives can always be offered for more productive and proactive lifestyles from the participants and yet there is no forcing or taking of ones rights in this regard.

The businesses can use the city-tokens to purchase from other existing businesses or perhaps as tax credits for use towards municipal duties.

What I have proposed is an example of Ayn Randian philosophy that suggests that social welfare should not be created from a form of charity forced by government (taxes used for socialism) but rather can and should be voluntarily provided by private parties.  The proposal works together with the existing legacy of the city discussed and yet introduces a new technology not only as a solution to a small problem, but also as the introduction of a currency that eventually would naturally optimize the taxation, title/legal, and business systems it would be introduced to.


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