Patterns Randomness Perspective and the God Perspective

I might have written about this before but I just want to get some relevant notes down.  We should be able to easily see that patterns and randomness are related by the perspective from which we observe them.  A pattern looks random from a certain perspective and vice versa.

I levate the god perspective as follows.  We can think of a worker in a restaurant that coral’s their fellow employees with meta suggestions and “signs”.  Rather than suggestion by direct communication their could be the use of higher level solutions that entice employees to act a certain way (whether knowingly or not).  This could be useful and or intrusive or not.  This is basically called management.

I sometimes get accused of a narcissistic view  or thinking that I am “god” which I typically have not understood.  I could not understand peoples sentiments about me, and I think sometimes many who know me well could not either.  Some that know me well do understand these sentiments and laugh.  Some just agree.

Hayek talks about how the individual is not necessarily meant to understand the collectively created technology that arises to facilitate our social demands.  We talk about how we lost a technology a long time ago, that perhaps the Egyptians had.  I think rather the Egyptians did not “know” what they where doing, but by some certain chance were successful for doing it.  So it is a great technology, but we have yet to discover it.  And Hayek does perfectly explain the reason and rationality behind this suggestion.

Religion is one such technology, that directed the masses, and allowed them to survive through generations.  It should not be detested, but rather through understanding it, we can better define our perspective.  And by better defining our perspective we can better understand the past, and learn from it.

Religion of its time, being necessary, is a science from a recent perspective.  Science, is a religion, from a perspective that is far in the future.

Maybe this is obvious to science and mathematical fields, but we can see then how fermats number theories are comparable and related to, for example, netwonian calculus and the like.

Turing completeness among languages.

The god perspective is also related to the impartial observer described by adam smith and also the limitations on that which we can observe, as well as the aggregate of total observation. Clearly the vedas are relevant here and ancient language but I haven’t started on this on thewealthofchips and I probably won’t.




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