Quick Re-solutant Thoughts

Have to get some thoughts out in some form.  In regard to some latest writings I think it can be shown or might already have been shown that there is a perfect relationship between, for example, number theory and any other discipline of math.  For this Fermat’s work is quite relevant from another perspective.

I read of many mathematicians that got lost in a battle between division of perspective that they believe rather could be separated from each other by reason.

Re-solutance might have saved some energy in this regard.

This is related to strange attractors and the equillbriums they “seems” to gravitate to (I might have written out of context here).  Thewealthofchips explains how we can both re-orientate these equillbriums, or attractors and also how we might move from one equillbrium to another (by the levation of a higher order technology, transferable utility, or more granular solutions (ie life)).

Patterns run into randomness.

Integers run into other numbers and types of math.

I suspect the 4 color map theorem can be solved this way.

Then there is levated a relation between different music with different time schemes that are otherwise separated by the beat.  This suggest then that music notation could be helpful in establishing frames, references, perspectives, and viewpoints, and also suggests that an evolved understanding, relation, and ability to express, time would be helpful for this.

I have some ideas for fighting in regard to time and music that might be helpful but I’m not sure I will write these thoughts down on this blog.


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